[vimeo]74126454[/vimeo] On October 19, 2007, the inaugural WE Day event was held in Toronto where 8,000 youth were welcomed to take part in this first monumental step towards change.

From then onward, the WE Day movement spread across Canada to Vancouver, Montreal, Waterloo Region, Winnipeg and more, featuring some of the world’s most groundbreaking speakers and performers.

A truly global movement, WE Day…

  • Attracts a core audience of passionate and idealistic student leaders aged 12-17, who earn entry through community service.
  • Will engage and empower 160,000 student leaders in attendance at live events across North America, the United States and the UK in the 2013/2014 academic year.
  • Reaches millions of viewers through broadcasts spanning seven networks, including two special
    primetime broadcasts (CTV and MuchMusic).
  • Annually inspires over 350,000 people through the webcast.
  • Reaches millions globally through more than 2,250 media hits in print, online and broadcast outlets.
  • Engages over 3 million people through Facebook “likes.”
  • Takes place in most major cities in Canada, with global expansion underway.
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Free The Children was founded on the understanding that by awakening the spirit of activism in young people, anything is possible – injustices can be stopped, our local and global communities can be transformed for the better, and hope for the future can be sustained.

Based on the belief that young people can create change, the WE Day movement was born.
In 2007, youth from across North America came together for the first time at WE Day to discover new passions, learn about the world around them and celebrate their successes. Since then, WE Day has become the movement of our time, inspiring thousands of youth and building a community of young people dedicated to social change.