4 Cool Ideas for School Fundraisers that Kids Will Love

Empowering kids to fundraise in support of meaningful issues teaches valuable lessons to build a better world

Congratulations, you volunteered to be on the school parent council and now it’s your job to lead the school’s fundraising activities. Don’t worry, we’ve designed fundraising action campaigns that you can put to work right away with lots of ideas kids will get excited about—and your PTA and teachers can help reinforce the values of compassion, empathy and responsibility along the way. Try one—or all—of these campaigns:

Value silence

Here’s a fundraising opportunity to raise awareness on children’s rights issues and stand in solidarity with youth who do not have a voice: Simply, be silent. We call this campaign WE Are Silent—a powerful action that asks students (and teachers if they are game) to refrain from speaking out loud. The WE Are Silent campaign can be done individually or as a group so each individual’s level of comfort and commitment will determine how they choose to participate in the WE Are Silent campaign.

Collect pledges for every hour the students go silent and raise money to empower communities with the resources they need to make sure every child’s voice is heard. Get started with this resource toolkit complete with downloadable posters, background information about the issues and more.

Sell artisan goods

The success of fundraising through selling products depends on the uniqueness and quality of your products and the cause the proceeds are going to. Good news, the WE Are Rafikis campaign enables your group to sell beautifully handcrafted artisan bracelets at a fair price.

What’s a Rafiki? In Swahili, Rafiki = Friend and every bracelet you sell helps an artisan earn a living, send her children to school and share the power of her skills and traditions with the world.

Order your sample Rafikis, find campaign resources and start fundraising now. Plus, there’s a learning guide that explores the practice of creating businesses with a social mission.

Collect change

Design a fundraising campaign that asks students to bring in their pocket change. The next thing you know, all of those nickels and quarters add up to helping to send a child in a developing country to school or provide clean drinking water for a family for life.

A great way to get your school all-in on fundraising is to offer a big incentive that you have to work together to achieve, or compete to win. This can range from a pizza lunch for the top fundraising class, to a dare that the principal or teachers will take if you raise a certain amount. Dye their hair for a day? Shave their heads? See what they’re up for and get started with these downloadable resources from our WE Create Change campaign.

Use this campaign as an opportunity to go deeper: the lesson package brings the financial world into the classroom and engages students in learning about the importance of understanding their personal finances. With the right tools and a little courage, students will be empowered to make sound financial decisions that make an impact on them, their community and the world.

Plan a bake sale

Bake sales are a popular way to raise funds because they work. The more students that pitch in, the greater the success and the more fun it is. Tasks can be divided among different committees such as bakers, sellers, poster makers and a cleaning crew. WE Bake for Change gives you everything you need to know to hold an epic bake sale (including recipes).

Whip up a batch of something unforgettable with your best friends, then turn up the heat on the issue your bake sale is tackling. Is your group fundraising for agriculture and food security? Share facts and explain why your cause matters.

We Bake for Change is your chance to bring people together and raise money for communities working for a brighter future. So apron up and get ready to show the world that making a difference is a piece of cake.


Get your child’s school involved!

WE Schools is a unique, five-step program—delivered by our educational partners in more than 10,000 schools in North America and the UK—that challenges young people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion and then empowers them with the tools to take action.

The WE Schools program provides educators and students with curriculum, educational resources and a full calendar of action campaign ideas. Through WE Schools, students gain an understanding of the root causes of pressing issues like hunger, poverty and lack of education, and explore what they can do to help. They also plan at least one local and one global action to improve their community and the world.