Back-to-School Tips for Parents

As the summer holidays wind down, there’s no escaping the back-to-school excitement that comes in the form of new gear, new clothes, new teachers and most importantly, new goals and opportunities. With a new school year and a fresh start, parents can empower their kids to academic and personal success. Here’s how.

Get Involved in Your Child's School

9 Ways To Support Your Child’s Learning at Home: Insider Tips

When parents and families are involved in their children's learning at home, children achieve greater academic success and have more positive feelings about going to school.

Successful PTA Members Know These 7 Things

An effective parent council helps make the education experience better for your kids and builds a stronger school.

4 Cool Ideas for School Fundraisers that Kids Will Love

Empowering kids to fundraise in support of meaningful issues teaches valuable lessons to build a better world.

Make Family Time Fun (and Educational)

How to turn family dinners into valuable time together

Regular meals build stronger families. Here's how to turn family dinners into valuable together time.

7 Ways Your Family Can Have Fun in Nature

Want a quick fix for your family’s stress and an easy boost of wellbeing? Give yourself and your kids a dose of nature.

Great Back-to-School Gear

Check out this roundup of the best ME to WE finds every kid needs (and wants) to get back to class in style.