Create Your Own WE Villages Fundraiser

How to start a successful fundraising campaign

Give back during the holidays, mark a milestone birthday or spark community spirit with your own fundraising campaign for WE Villages. Your funds will help empower communities to create extraordinary change.

Gather your extended family, neighbors and best friends. It’s time to get started with these helpful tips.

Lead the way.

Plan a research night so kids and adults together can learn more and decide which country and which Pillar of Impact your fundraising will support.

Set clear goals.

Let everyone know what you’re raising funds towards and why this cause needs attention. For example, $1,000 raised will provide primary school education for 20 children in a developing country. $10,000 builds a whole classroom for a community. See more impact options here.

Decide what kind of fundraiser you want to organize.

Will it be a single event like a walkathon or charitable dinner? Or will it be more long-term like a coin drive?

Consider fundraising in honor of a milestone birthday or anniversary.

Share the joy of your special day with others.

Be accountable.

Set financial targets by week or month, keep track of your progress and ramp up your efforts when you’re off track.

Use our personal fundraising pages.

Personal fundraising pages offer a simple way for you to keep track of your fundraising successes, invite others to support your goals, share information about your fundraising events and find out how others are getting involved with WE Charity.

Use our Canadian currency fundraising tool and US currency fundraising tool to set up an engaging page for yourself or your group that tells people why and how you are fundraising. Your fundraising page is a convenient hub where you can tell the story of your project.

Show gratitude for every contribution.

Remember to thank your donors and celebrate every financial gift.


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