Meet a WE Family: The Benkos

For the Benkos, taking the time to make a difference has been a priority from the start.

By Megan Harris

In the decade Tim and Shelly were married before having kids, they regularly volunteered in their community, and remained committed to continuing this spirit of giving back once their family grew. Over the years, the family has made volunteering and fundraising family projects, with son Morgan, 19, and daughter Faith, 13, weighing in on which causes to support.

One year, the family organized a Book Lover’s Ball to raise funds to build a new library at the kids’ school. Their annual Benko Family Charity Golf Tournament has raised more than $35,000 since 2015 for WE Charity—supporting projects including a classroom in Kenya and community garden and school kitchen in Ecuador. At school, Faith and Morgan raised funds through popcorn sales to buy goats for families in Kenya. The family has also traveled to Kenya and Ecuador with ME to WE to see firsthand the impact of their donations and to work alongside local community members on development projects.

“Helping from home gave us the momentum to help abroad,” says Shelly. “We feel pretty strongly that our kids should share the love wherever they can. Practicing gratitude is never a bad thing.”

With files from WE Families Awards partner Canadian Living.