Meet a WE Family: The Ekmans

The Ekmans were inspired to give back to a cause that gave to them. Now, giving back is just what they do.

By Megan Harris

When the five Ekman kids were growing up, they were involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters programs—a cause that’s still important to them. It’s what inspired the siblings (14-year-old Kai, 16-year-old Savannah, 18-year-old Gabriella, 20-year-old Mackenzie and 22-year-old Mariah), along with mom Robyn, to raise more than $40,000 for the organization through door-to-door fundraising over the last several years. This was only the beginning. Today, the Ekmans’ list of local and global initiatives include collecting canned food through the WE Scare Hunger campaign, putting together care packages for shelters, starting an anti-bullying campaign at school called #OurSaferSchools, and even inspiring others by speaking on the WE Day Family stage.

“We’re avid volunteers in our community,” says Savannah. “If there’s something going on, we do our best to jump in and help.”

And how do the Ekmans find time for all this? According to Savannah and Gabriella, helping others has become a way of life, part of everything they do—from free time to family time.

“This is something we can all do as a group, quality family time that we all feel better for,” says Gabriella.

Savannah adds, “It’s definitely brought us all closer together.”

With files from WE Families Awards partner Canadian Living.