Take Action with WE Families Campaigns

When families like yours take action together, you not only have the opportunity to bond with each other, but also to give back and connect with a family in your community or across the world.

Knowing where to start can be a challenge, so try one of these ready-made WE Families campaigns to make it easier. All you need to think about is what difference you want to make and how much fun you’re going to have together.

Go Green with WE Take Charge

Take weekly pledges to live sustainably by reducing negative impacts on the environment, boosting positive ones and helping your household go green

WE Create Change Coin Drive

Collect coins for sustainable development projects and make a world of change for communities looking for the opportunity to thrive.

WE Volunteer Now as a Family

Rally your crew to commit meaningful volunteer actions throughout the year.

WE Bake for Change

Hold an epic bake sale to fundraise for WE Villages projects.

WE Are Rafikis Fundraiser

Unlock a lifetime of opportunity for a Kenyan mama and her family when you fundraise with Rafiki bracelets made by an artisan overseas.