Take Action Guide

From easy ideas on how to connect and contribute as a family to real-life advice on talking to your kids about world issues, and more—discover tested solutions that will inspire your family to help change the world.

5 Ways to Empower Your Kids to Learn More about the World

Looking to support your kids’ desire to change the world? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get your family started—from exploring issues and brainstorming solutions to taking action and celebrating your success.

Helping your kids understand today’s world issues

Understanding the world around you is the first step towards making positive change. Here are six tried-and-true tips on how to engage your kids in the conversation.

Five ideas for volunteering as a family

Volunteering does more than give back to your community—it also makes you feel good. Here are five ideas for volunteering together as a family.

Doing good is doable. Here’s one small thing your family can do each day

With these simple activities, your family can make the world a better place. Take one small step today, or try them all as part of a 30-day action plan.

4 Cool Ideas for School Fundraisers that Kids Will Love

Empowering kids to fundraise in support of meaningful issues teaches valuable lessons to build a better world.

How To Use Social Media For Good

There are endless ways that parents and kids can use social media to make change happen and showcase your social values.