WE Walk for Water Kid-Size Jerry Can Craft

By Bronwyn James

In Kenya, women carry big plastic jugs called jerry cans to transport water from local sources back to their homes. When full, each jerry can weighs about 40 pounds (20 kilograms). That’s a heavy weight for a fit adult to walk with, and definitely not safe for children to carry!

Create a kid-safe “jerry can” using materials you may already have at home to help little ones understand how much work goes into a water walk.

Girl carrying Kid size jerry can

Supplies you’ll need

  • Empty 2L plastic beverage bottle with cap
  • 1 old T-shirt, preferably adult size
  • Scissors

supplies you need

How to

Step 1

1. Cut T-shirt into strips about 1.5 inches (4 centimetres) wide across the width of the T-shirt body, starting at the bottom hem. Take care to keep the side seams intact so that each strip is a loop of fabric.

Step 2

2. Take one of the fabric strips and place it under the bottle.

Step 3

3. Pull one end of the loop through the other end, creating a “lasso” around the bottle.

Step 4

4. Repeat with a second strip of fabric.

Step 5

5. Take two more strips of fabric and tie them together, then tie one end to each of the “lassos” on the bottle.