WE Are Rafikis Fundraiser

Unlock a lifetime of opportunity for a Kenyan mama and her family when you fundraise with Rafiki bracelets made by an artisan overseas.

“Rafiki” means “friend” in Swahili. Being a friend to the world means making sure everyone gets the opportunity to lead the life they want. Gather your WE Family and sign up for the WE Are Rafikis campaign. Once you’ve signed up, you will fundraise by selling handmade Rafiki Bracelets to help Kenyan artisans earn money for themselves and their families so they can send their children to school and take charge of their future. For every Rafiki Bracelet you sell, five dollars goes toward your WE Villages fundraising project.

Hear from the artisans who make Rafiki Bracelets tell their stories in this video. Then, discuss the following questions with your family: What does the opportunity to earn an income mean to a woman in a developing Kenyan community? What does she use her earnings for? How does it affect her family?

Once your crew is ready to start selling, here’s some tips to make your fundraiser a success:

  • Make a list of potential customers. Think about neighbors, community members, friends at school, coworkers and family members of course too.
  • Consider whether you will set up a table to sell your Rafiki Bracelets or if you will send emails to your friends to let them know about your campaign. Plan for the appropriate materials you will need to execute your fundraiser.
  • Get a sample Rafiki Bracelet to show your customers (you should wear one too!) and begin taking pre-orders. Discuss how much you would like to charge for each bracelet.
  • Spread awareness. Make signs and create messages to let your customers know that every Rafiki Bracelet makes an impact in three ways: it helps the artisan who made it earn a living and save for the future; it provides a tangible impact, like clean water or school supplies, to a member of a developing community; and it supports a cause you care about.
  • Let your customers know exactly where their money goes when they track their impact by entering the code on the tag that’s attached to each bracelet to see how they’ve helped.

Find more resources and helpful tips when you sign up for the WE Are Rafikis campaign.