WE Create Change Coin Drive

Collect coins for sustainable development projects and make a world of change for communities looking for the opportunity to thrive.

Sign up for the WE Create Change campaign and your small change could help families in developing communities make big change for the next generation through the WE Villages sustainable international development model. The goal of WE Villages is to work with communities to lift themselves out of poverty and never have to rely on charity again. We do this through five Pillars of Impact.

Together, learn more about the issues you are fundraising for with these resources. Find context, perspective and detailed up-to-date statistics on important global issues. Your passion for these issues will inspire your family to fundraising success.

Fun fact:
A large coffee cup full of one-dollar coins is enough money to give six children a full primary education.

Here are some fun ways to collect coins:

    • At home. Host a bingo tournament with other families and neighbors and ask them to bring a giant bag of coins to use as chips. After each round, the coins used on each card get donated to your cause.
    • At school. Hold a movie day, dance or school concert and charge for entry; plan a teacher-vs-student dodgeball game or spelling bee; organize a balloon-a-gram, candygram or smile-o-gram delivery.
    • At work. Coordinate a dress-down day; organize a 50/50 raffle; or plan a silent auction to “win” a marquee parking spot or breakfast with the CEO.
    • In the community. Create a coin poll. Ask your local coffee shop, restaurant or café to partner with your campaign and set up a chalk board with two empty jars. On the board, write a question that relates to your cause and provide two answer options. For example, you could share that “millions of people around the world don’t live near a reliable, clean water source” and ask, “how far could you walk every day while carrying 20 gallons of water?” Write two answers like “a few blocks” and “more than three miles” for patrons to submit their answer by dropping a coin in the jar that corresponds with the answer that suits them best. Follow up with a fact like “the average distance women and children walk for water in Africa and Asia is 3.7 miles.” Change your questions daily to capitalize
on the generosity of regular customers.

When your family fundraises for WE Villages, you’re connecting with a family across the world to create positive change and achieve a lasting impact. Get started, sign up your family and receive the resources you need to run a successful WE Create Change campaign.