WE Families awards

The votes are in! Thank you for participating in the WE Families awards, presented by Canadian Living.
We met so many wonderful families through this contest!
The winners of each award will be featured in the September issue of Canadian Living, but we wanted to give you a special preview of the amazing families who live WE at home, across Canada and around the world.
We are proud to work with Canadian Living on this inspiring initiative. It’s our thirteenth annual collaboration, the first we’ve dedicated exclusively to families. The 2017 WE Families awards presented by Canadian Living will honour Canadian families of all shapes and sizes who are working to build our future. Read the terms and conditions for more information.



The Morose Family

WE Families at Home – The Morose Family
The Morose family takes unique actions to make a difference locally and globally. For example, they raised $10,000 in less than a year through a series of charity tournaments!

The Benko Family

WE are Canada Families – The Benko Family
The Benko family’s goal is to encourage youth to appreciate all that we have in Canada, and open their eye to the challenges faced by people in developing communities.

The Quackenbush Family

WE Families in the World – The Quackenbush Family
The Quackenbush family is made up of six members who are caring and willing to help people in need. After one of the children visited Tanzania, the whole family has raised funds for school kits for Tanzanian school-children, and they actively work to raise awareness about water issues in the country.

All winners will have their story shared in Canadian Living, WE.org and anywhere else we can!

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