WE Take Charge

Through simple, everyday actions, your family can help to protect our planet.

Earth is our home—a home we currently share with nearly 7.5 billion people, a figure that’s expected to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050. As the population increases, so does the strain on the environment.

We can all do our part to ensure future generations have a healthy world to live in—which is what the WE Take Charge campaign is all about. By raising awareness of environmental challenges or by taking action close to home, you and your family can directly affect the future of our planet. Even small changes, like using refillable water bottles instead of disposable plastic ones, can make a huge and lasting impact.

Here are a few other simple ways you and your family can create sustainable change through your everyday actions, as part of the WE Take Charge campaign:

  • Plant a garden in your backyard, balcony or in a public space like your child’s schoolyard. The impact? Plants help fight climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide—a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.
  • Get together with friends and neighbours for a community clean-up at a local park or the laneway behind your home.
  • Plan a clothing drive or swap. You’ll give old clothes a new lease on life, keep gently used clothes out of landfills, and allow another family to reduce their consumption by not having to buy new items.
  • Pledge as a family to avoid single-use plastics for a week, a month, or any time period you want to agree upon. Some ideas: Instead of using disposable drinking straws, try washable, renewable metal or glass straws—or simply go without. Swap plastic sandwich bags for reusable lunch containers or tiffin boxes.
  • Remind your family to turn off lights and unplug device chargers when they’re not being used.

For more ideas, including step-by-step instructions for an easy craft to decorate your garden, click below.

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A family enjoys the outdoors together

Why join WE Take Charge?

All around the world, rising levels of consumption leave countries struggling with greater environmental challenges and less access to natural resources. For example, at least 8 million tonnes of plastic—the equivalent of one garbage truck full every minute—leak into the ocean each year. And projections show that half the global population will be living in water-stressed areas (locations where there isn’t enough water to meet human and ecological needs) in just seven years’ time.

What’s more, increasing energy consumption around the world, and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions, are creating climate change and resulting in more frequent “weather events,” including damaging storms, floods and droughts. Indeed, the top 10 warmest years on record have all occurred in the past 
19 years.

By taking part in WE Take Charge, your family can create sustainable impacts.

With every small action we take, we can help create a more sustainable Earth for everyone. Whether we recycle or conserve water or carpool to work, every action affects the environment. Even how we shop can have a direct impact. For instance, buying recycled paper conserves trees and other resources, since it takes 40% less energy to produce than paper made from new wood pulp.

By adapting more sustainable habits, we can fix the damage that has been done to the environment and set the stage for a brighter future.

Share facts about the environment to raise awareness, and post signs at home to stay motivated. Get our Printable Resources by clicking below.

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