WE Take Charge

Plant a garden or organize a community clean-up to raise awareness of
environmental issues and help protect the planet.

WE Take Charge

Earth is our home—a home we currently share with nearly 7.5 billion people, a figure that’s expected to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050. As the population increases, so does the strain on the environment.

We can all do our part to ensure future generations have a healthy world to live in—which is what the WE Take Charge campaign is all about. By raising awareness of environmental challenges or by taking action close to home, you and your family can directly affect the future of our planet. Even small changes, like using refillable water bottles instead of disposable plastic ones, can make a huge and lasting impact.

Children taking part in an environmental effort

Earth helper how-tos

Use this guide to “Take Charge” of your family’s everyday actions and create a more sustainable Earth for everyone. Plant the seeds for change by starting a garden, clean your community by picking up garbage around your neighbourhood, or go green by recycling, conserving water or carpooling to work and school. If you like, print out these pages and post them on a wall every member of your family passes by daily, as a reminder that everyday actions can create extraordinary impacts.

Printable resources

Click to access fast facts about environmental impacts, a quiz about earth-friendly habits you’ll want to share, printable thank-you “cards” for people who participate in your WE Take Charge activities, and an easy craft for your garden.

The Nayyar family

Meet a WE Family: The Nayyars

Anjum Nayyar credits her cultural heritage for her deep empathy and desire to give back. These are values that she and her husband are passing along to their kids, as well. Here’s how.