WE Walk For Water

Organize a water walk in your neighborhoods to inspire positive change on global water issues.
Just $25 gives one person clean water for life!

WE Walk For Water

How far would you walk to collect clean water for your family? Every day, women and children around the world spend 200 million hours fetching water from the only sources available—distant and often polluted lakes, rivers or streams.

Find out how access to clean water—which your family can help provide by joining our WE Walk for Water initiative—helps break the cycle of poverty by improving sanitation, preventing waterborne illnesses and giving people the opportunity to go to school and to earn a living.

Water hand pump

Family Water Walk How-Tos

Find everything you’ll need to organize your own family or neighborhood WE Walk For Water event, including ideas to plan and publicize your walk, how to choose a goal and set up a fundraising page (if you decide to raise money), how to donate, and ways to celebrate your accomplishments.

Water Walks Around the World

See the distinctive ways water is carried in different countries.

Woman carrying water in Kide-Size Jerry Can Craft

WE Walk For Water Kid-Size Jerry Can Craft

In Kenya, women carry big plastic jugs called jerry cans to transport water from local sources back to their homes. When full, each jerry can weighs about 40 pounds (20 kilograms). That’s a heavy weight for a fit adult to walk with, and definitely not safe for children to carry!

Create a kid-safe “jerry can” using materials you may already have at home to help little ones understand how much work goes into a water walk.

Meet a WE Family: The Ehm/Moshenbergs

Erica Ehm, who’s a WE Day Family Toronto co-chair, talks with her teens Jessie and Josh Moshenberg about how getting involved with WE helped them put their good fortune into sharp perspective – and why joining WE Walk for Water can help bring that experience home for every family.

VIDEO: What’s your why?

Erica Ehm, and Jessie and Josh Moshenberg talk about their motivation for doing good.