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Get ideas on how to spend time as a family that will help you raise caring and compassionate kids.

<center>WE Family Profile: The Teels</center>
WE Family Profile: The Teels

Parents Sandy and Mark have always believed in helping others. But it wasn’t until their son Andrew came into their lives that they understood how much further their family’s acts of kindness could go. By Tamar Satov Most people don’t choose to spend Christmas Eve on the street—and that fact is exactly what motivated Andrew […]

<center>WE Family Profile: The Caos</center>
WE Family Profile: The Caos

By sharing their love of reading, this Vancouver crew are bringing their community closer together. By Tamar Satov When Jason Cao came of age in Vancouver in the 1980s, he felt like his neighbours had his back. “If I didn’t have homework, I’d get on my BMX and ride around and hang out at the […]

<center>Meet a WE Family: The Nayyars</center>
Meet a WE Family: The Nayyars

Taking care of others is part of this family’s heritage. Here’s how they pay it forward. By Tamar Satov Ask Anjum Nayyar where she developed her deep empathy for others and a desire to give back, and it’s no surprise she credits her South Asian background. After all, cultural heritage is a huge influence for […]

<center>Meet a WE Family: The Veits</center>
Meet a WE Family: The Veits

At WE Day Family, Hennessey, 10, was inspired to take action for girls' education. Now, her whole family has joined her cause.

<center>Meet a WE Family: The Moroses</center>
Meet a WE Family: The Moroses

The Moroses are proud to call themselves a WE Family—and are on a mission to show the world how small actions can add up to big change.

<center>Meet a WE Family: The Ekmans</center>
Meet a WE Family: The Ekmans

The Ekmans were inspired to give back to a cause that gave to them. Now, giving back is just what they do.

<center>Meet a WE Family: The Benkos</center>
Meet a WE Family: The Benkos

For the Benkos, taking the time to make a difference has been a priority from the start.

<center>Meet a WE Family: The Thornburys</center>
Meet a WE Family: The Thornburys

Lisa Thornbury wasn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day… until her kids showed her what the occasion was really about: kindness. By Sarah Fox Lisa Thornbury won’t stop until she’s the best… her best self, that is. A teacher-turned-freelance writer, the mother of two is known for sharing her day-to-day experiences on Forever In Mom Genes—a […]

<center>Meet a WE Family – The Sirchios</center>
Meet a WE Family – The Sirchios

The Sirchios had always believed in giving back – but becoming a WE Family (and getting the chance to dine on grubs!) helped them take their actions even further. It all started with a chance meeting. Wendy and Kris Sirchio were relative newcomers to Kentucky when they were invited to an event where they met […]

<center>5 Ways for young families to volunteer together</center>
5 Ways for young families to volunteer together

These organizations across Canada have low or no minimum age requirements for volunteers, making them perfect places for kids to take their first steps as community change-makers, while spending quality time with you. By Tamar SatovIf you’re reading this, you already know that volunteering is a great way to help kids understand that giving back […]

<center>15+ ways for your teen to earn volunteer hours</center>
15+ ways for your teen to earn volunteer hours

In a growing number of school boards and provinces around the country, secondary students must put in several workdays’ worth of volunteer hours to graduate—leaving them (and their parents) scrambling to figure out how they can best contribute.

<center>Meet a WE Family: The Kayes</center>
Meet a WE Family: The Kayes

When it comes to doing good, two sets of hands are better than one, as the Giamos and Ross families discovered. Their tween girls set out to collect used batteries as part of the Zinc Saves Lives Battery Recycling Campaign – and surprised everyone, even themselves, by surpassing their goal. Here’s how they did it.