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By shedding light on the city’s most pressing social issues, like homelessness, opioid addiction and food insecurity, and providing the information, tools and support needed to make a difference, WE Care Vancouver will inspire employees of Parq Vancouver and Victory Square Technologies, along with the Greater Vancouver community, to discover their passion for social change.

Sign up today, and you’ll get immediate access to service-learning workshops, coaching and mentorship, plus our free online service guide and newsletter. What’s more, you’ll be eligible to attend WE Day Family Vancouver–a stadium-sized celebration of community service bringing together world-renowned speakers, award-winning performers and moving stories of real families who’ve committed to making a difference in the causes that matter to them.

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WE Care Vancouver is brought to you with the generous support of our co-title sponsors, Parq Vancouver and Victory Square

How to take action

Taking social action is something that each of us can fit into our lives—even the busiest schedule has space for actions that create an impact. By using your unique talents and following your interests, you’ll find countless ways to contribute to your community. Turn your passion into action!

Check out these simple ways to get involved as an individual, family or community, and read inspiring stories from fellow Canadians who are taking action.

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Busy Family taking time to volunteer

How busy families can find time to volunteer together

Click here to learn how you can get aligned on which cause to get behind, and balance volunteering with the hectic schedules of both parents and kids.

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Busy Family taking time to volunteer

Doing good is doable. Here’s one small thing your family can do each day

With these simple activities, your family can make the world a better place. Take one small step today, or try them all as part of a 30-day action plan.

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Busy Family taking time to volunteer


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