When we all come together, 
we can make the world a brighter place.

That’s the heart of the WE Movement. 
This holiday season help us light up the world 
with positivity.

Create your own WE Lights and display them in your window to show everyone that you believe in a better world. It’s easy to do and fun to share.

Making Your WE Lights

There are so many ways to create your WE Lights – you can get crafty and make your own or purchase pre-made letters that light up. We look forward to seeing all of your creations.

Here Are A Few Ideas To Get You Started:
  • Make yours with holiday lights, tacks and cardboard
  • Try foam core, tape and fairy lights
  • Use twigs and twine for a more natural look
  • A little tinsel or glitter can add sparkle
  • You might even find pre-made letters that light-up at a craft store
WE Lights Images

Create a WE shape out of wire, styrofoam, cardboard or wood – let your imagination guide you! Attach the lights with glue, staples, tacks – or create holes and poke the lights through the holes.

WE Lights Images

Hang in a window or on the side of a wall to brighten your neighborhood.

WE Lights Images

Take a pic or make a video and share it with #WEBelieve. We just might share your WE Lights on our Facebook and Instagram.

Share your Lights – #WEBelieve

Once lights are made, it’s time to display them and share the message of positivity.
WE Lights Images
WE Lights Images

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