With sustainable agriculture we can
create a brighter future

The Grow Together classroom resource provides educators with engaging activities to learn more about food insecurity. Today, there are hundreds of millions of people who do not have enough food to live a healthy life. And the world’s population is continuing to increase—it’s expected to reach nearly 10 billion by the year 2050.

With Grow Together, you can engage your students in discussions and action plans to help feed the world sustainably. Included is Journey 2050, a free virtual farming game that allows students to explore worldwide food sustainability and make inquiry-based decisions to see the ripple effect that agriculture has on social, economic and environmental factors.

The WE Schools program

Students who are part of WE Schools are stepping up and making a difference in their neighborhood and world at large. Because no matter your age or location, we can all make a positive impact—whether that’s volunteering, fundraising or raising awareness around causes that matter.

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The WE Schools program

Nutrien is helping feed the world through sustainable agriculture practices, innovation and technology. Through the Grow Together initiative, Nutrien and WE are empowering young students with the tools they need to explore the issue of food insecurity and create sustainable solutions by 2050.

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