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When you decide to take action on an issue, knowing where to start can be a challenge. Check out these service-learning campaigns and fundraising initiatives for inspiration, and sign up to join a global network of change-makers.

Featured Campaign

WE Go Green

WE Go Green

Plant the seeds of change by raising awareness about the environment. From starting a garden at school to taking a sustainability pledge, watch your everyday actions grow into world-changing ones, and help protect our planet.

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Featured Fundraising Initiative

WE Walk For Water

WE Walk For Water

Clean water isn’t a luxury—it’s a basic human right. Help provide people around the world with access to clean water by joining us for our international one-day fundraiser. When communities have access to clean water, girls can attend school, parents can run sustainable farms and families can break the cycle of poverty.

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Service-Learning Campaigns

Fundraising Initiatives

Do It Yourself

The D.I.Y. Campaign

This Is Your Campaign—Blaze Your Own Trail

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Know The Issues

Before you take action, you’ll want to explore the issues you’re passionate about— the more you know, the better able you will be to understand how you can contribute in meaningful ways to sustainable solutions. Explore our collection of backgrounder stories; from clean water to child labor, we have the details you’re looking for.