In Swahili, Rafiki = Friend.

Being a friend to the world means making sure everyone gets the opportunity to lead the life they want. Fundraise by selling handmade Rafiki Bracelets to help Kenyan artisans earn money for their families, send their children to school and take charge of their future. For every Rafiki Bracelet you sell, five dollars goes toward your group’s WE Villages fundraising project.

To make an impact through WE Are Rafikis, order online with our form or pick up a starter kit at your WE Day.

Here’s How to Run Your Campaign

  1. Investigate and Learn

    Check out the videos provided to learn more about the artisans who make Rafiki Bracelets and the impact each bracelet makes in developing communities around the world.

  2. Action Plan

    Get a sample Rafiki Bracelet to show your classmates and take pre-orders at your school. Discuss how much you would like to charge for each bracelet and how you will spread awareness about the campaign.

  3. Take Action

    Now that you have your pre-orders, total up how many Rafiki Bracelets you will need and place your order online, or print and mail the WE Are Rafikis order form. Decide whether you will deliver the bracelets or organize a pick-up during pre-scheduled times.

  1. Report and Celebrate

    Sit down with your group to reflect and discuss the impacts you’ve made. Share the success of your WE Are Rafikis campaign by posting photos to social media using #wearerafikis.


Using the Student Yearbook, students will record their progress and their reflections for each of the four steps above.

Change-makers—we want to hear how you and your group helped empower your local and global communities. Share your impacts by filling out the Campaign Impact Survey now!


Campaign Lesson Plans

This educational resource helps students learn how social entrepreneurship applies business strategies to help solve social issues.

Teacher’s Corner

Dig deeper into the issues

Check out our issue backgrounders to learn how local and global issues affect the lives of people in our communities and around the world. Bring the issues to life in your classroom with a library of resources to engage your students in learning about local and global issues.

Take More Action

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