Our voices are a powerful tool for social change—and so is our silence.

By taking a vow of silence in solidarity with those who go unheard, we can prove just how big of a difference we can make. With a WE Are Silent fundraiser, the donations will go toward the WE Villages Education Pillar of Impact. Education is the cornerstone of a sustainable community and for every $50 raised, one child will be able to go to school, giving them the tools to advocate for their basic rights and secure a livelihood.

Pledge to go silent, fundraise for education.

Create your own CrowdRise page for an easy, accessible way to raise money for WE Are Silent and let people know why you are choosing to speak up with silence.

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Set up your fundraising page

Steps to WE Are Silent: Let your silence be heard.

Get ready.

Set a goal and create an action plan that will set you up for success. From collecting pledges to arranging a silence march, there are plenty of great ideas to start your own youth movement!

Set up a CrowdRise page.

Set up and share your CrowdRise page to collect and track donations.

Kick off your campaign on October 11.

On any given day, more than 130 million girls around the world are not in school. On October 11, International Day of the Girl Child, start your campaign to give a voice to those girls and children everywhere.

Spread the word.

Let your classmates, family and community know about your campaign and educate them about your cause. Put up campaign posters, share on social media and host small fundraisers to help reach your goal.

Let your silence be heard on November 20.

This day marks the United Nations Universal Children’s Day, which signifies and offers a platform to advocate, promote and celebrate children’s rights—that’s why WE is choosing this day to go silent. On November 20, speak up with silence and give a voice to those whose rights are not upheld.

WE Are Silent Resources

Download our classroom and fundraising resources to learn more about the history of WE Are Silent, the importance of education and children’s rights. Our fundraising resources will equip you with the tools you need to plan and host a successful fundraising campaign.

Student Fundraising Resources

Click the button below to download the WE Are Silent Student Handbook, fundraising posters, social media package and additional fundraising tools.

Examples of the WE Are Silent fundraising resources.

Additional Resources

Learn more about how others are using their voice for social change.

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Joe Opatowski, founder of the WE Are Silent campaign

The power of silence

Joe Opatowski was one of WE’s most powerful motivational speakers, but it is his legacy as the founder of WE Are Silent that continues to inspire change.

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