Their Voices Matter. Your Voice Matters. How Will You Use It?

Issues like child labor, child soldiers, and access to water and education, drown out the voices of youth across the world. Everyone deserves the chance to live the life they choose—not one chosen for them by poverty, illiteracy and happenstance. Take a vow of silence for a day to better understand what it’s like to have your voice go unheard.

Here’s How to Run Your Campaign

  1. Investigate and Learn

    Choose which WE Villages Pillar of Impact your group is going to fundraise for. Brainstorm what you already know about the issue and how you will learn more about it.

  2. Action Plan

    Discuss how your group can spread awareness about WE Are Silent and make a list of tasks you think are necessary for promoting, planning and completing your campaign. Decide who will be responsible for each task, from looking up facts about the issue to doing morning announcements and adding up the final pledges.

  3. Take Action

    Sit down as a group and list potential issues you may run into once you go silent. Decide on ways to solve these problems, either by preparing for them or by responding to them when they happen.

  1. Report and Celebrate

    When you’ve finished your campaign, sit down as a group and record the impacts you’ve made. Share the success of your WE Are Silent campaign by posting photos to social media using #wearesilent


Using the Student Yearbook, students will record their progress and their reflections for each of the four steps above.

Change-makers—we want to hear how you and your group helped empower your local and global communities. Share your impacts by filling out the Campaign Impact Survey now!


Campaign Lesson Plans

This educational resource helps students learn how to show gratitude and appreciation to people in their community.

Whiteboard raid sparks important conversation

After the final bell rang and students filed out of school for the day, six students from École secondaire catholique Garneau’s leadership club gathered for an after school “whiteboard raid.” The students filled three floors of classrooms with facts about pressing issues throughout the world, from education to child soldiers. The goal of the whiteboard takeover was to raise awareness for children whose voices go unheard each and everyday. As students filed into class the next morning, the issues and facts written on the boards sparked the meaningful conversations the group was hoping for. The conversations intensified when 50 students showed up wearing black shirts, some with tape over their mouths and others carrying posters filled with statistics. A few minutes later, morning announcements revealed that it was the WE Are Silent campaign. Students were taking a vow of silence as a way to speak up for human rights issues affecting people around the world. “You don’t have to be a human rights superhero,” says Isabella Orozco-Madison, one of the event organizers. “Little gestures are what make the difference.”

Teacher’s Corner

Dig deeper into the issues

Check out our issue backgrounders to learn how local and global issues affect the lives of people in our communities and around the world. Bring the issues to life in your classroom with a library of resources to engage your students in learning about local and global issues.

Take More Action

Hooked on taking action? The WE Schools program has a yearlong calendar of campaigns for taking action on all kinds of local and global issues.