WE Bake for Change

Making a Difference Can Be a Piece of Cake.

We think you’ve got the recipe for a better world, so here’s our challenge: bring your group together to whip up a batch of something unforgettable and hold a WE Bake for Change bake sale to fundraise for WE Villages projects.

Everybody has a recipe for making the world a sweeter place. That’s why Free The Children’s WE Villages model focuses on helping developing communities lead their own solutions to the challenges holding them back. Through WE Bake for Change, you’ll be giving families the ingredients they need to make a better life for their children.

Here’s How to Run Your Campaign

Investigate and Learn

With your teacher, learn about how different global issues affect developing communities around the world. Choose one global issue to focus on for your campaign.

Action Plan

Discuss and decide on which organization you want to support. Talk about what solutions it provides to the issue. Think about how your group can spread awareness about WE Bake for Change.

Take Action

Make a list of the tasks you think are necessary for promoting, planning and completing your campaign, then decide who will be responsible for each task. Make sure you write down what kind of food each participant is bringing to make sure you have a variety!

Report and Celebrate

When the campaign is done, sit down as a group and record the impacts you’ve made. Share the success of your WE Bake for Change campaign by posting photos to social media using #webakeforchange.


Using the Student Yearbook, students will record their progress and their reflections for each of the four steps above.

Change-makers—we want to hear how you and your group helped empower your local and global communities. Share your impacts by filling out the Campaign Impact Survey now!


Lesson Plans

Campaign Lesson Plans

Bring global issues into the classroom and engage students in learning about the world beyond their community.



Cake competition brings clean water to Ecuador

The teachers at St. Gabriel School are putting their baking skills to the test once again to create change in Ecuador. As part of the
WE Bake for Change campaign, teachers at the school make different cakes representing the courses they teach and interests they have. The students then sell tickets for $0.25 and each ticket represents one vote for the best cake.

After the students admire and vote on the best cakes, they don’t let the works of art go to waste! The school then holds a draw to determine which student will get to take each cake home to share with friends and family.

The funds from ticket sales contribute to the school’s goal of fundraising $10,000 for clean water projects in Ecuador. Water service is frequently disrupted in rural communities in Ecuador and is often not drinkable. The clean water projects St. Gabriel School students are funding will help facilitate hand-washing stations, latrines, clean water systems and sanitation education in rural communities that need it the most.

Teacher’s Corner

Dig deeper into the issues

Check out our issue backgrounders to learn how local and global issues affect the lives of people in our communities and around the world. Bring the issues to life in your classroom with a library of resources to engage your students in learning about local and global issues.

Take More Action

Hooked on taking action? The WE Schools program has a yearlong calendar of campaigns for taking action on all kinds of local and global issues.