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Be an advocate for literacy by organizing a book drive or reading with a buddy.

Access to Books + Literacy Advocate = Impact

Inspire young leaders to become readers and lifelong learners. Hold a book drive to contribute to your local community and to take action and create change around literacy.

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Exploring Issues

Without proper literacy skills, things such as job applications, medication labels and basic signage can become inaccessible—decreasing the chances of a healthy and productive life.

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Resources for Educators

Use the Knowledge Is Power resources to explore the issues and barriers to literacy.

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Laurie Hernandez, US Olympic Gold Medalist and KPMG Literacy Champion

Laurie Hernandez

US Olympic Gold Medalist and KPMG Literacy Champion

Readers Make Leaders!

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Sign up now for the WE Read Together campaign and apply for a Book Box from KPMG and Laurie Hernandez. You can use the books to increase literacy in your community by reading with others, starting a book club or donating to a library in need. Let’s take action and inspire young leaders and lifelong learners.

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