Every Day is a Chance to Start a Conversation for a Stronger Canada.

Strengthen ties between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians in your community through learning and dialogue. We’ll email you daily connection points about Indigenous rights, cultures and experiences, plus further reading to get people talking. Make daily connections and help bring all Canadians together to take a stand for a more inclusive Canada, and use your connections to get involved with National Aboriginal Day on June 21.

Three out of four Canadians believe Indigenous Peoples face discrimination in Canada. Let’s join the conversation more Canadians need to be having on Indigenous rights, cultures and experiences. When we listen, we learn. And then, we can help educate others.

Here’s How to Run Your Campaign

Investigate and Learn

Discuss what your group already knows about the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians. Research ways to help people learn more by hosting a speaker at your school, visiting an Indigenous centre or connecting with an organization addressing a particular topic.

Action Plan

Brainstorm opportunities to get involved with or plan an event on National Aboriginal Day (June 21). Discuss and decide on which opportunity you would like to pursue from the opportunities you identified in the Investigate and Learn section. Create dialogue by getting others involved in your event and making connections.

Take Action

When your school is making its connections, have your group make note of questions that come up, topics for further exploration and discussion, and opportunities to make further connections.

Report and Celebrate

When you’re finished your campaign, sit down as a group and review the awareness-raising goal you set in Investigate and Learn. Share your success with WE Stand Together by posting photos to social media using #WESTANDTOGETHER.


Using the Student Yearbook, students will record their progress and their reflections for each of the four steps above.

Change-makers—we want to hear how you and your group helped empower your local and global communities. Share your impacts by filling out the Campaign Impact Survey now!

Lesson Plans

Campaign Lesson Plans

Join the conversation for a stronger Canada by engaging students in learning through dialogue. Every conversation can help pave the way toward reconciliation.


Class project sparks inspiration, bringing smiles to strangers

Students at David Kejick School are embracing their cultural values through the WE Stand Together campaign. The awareness campaign was designed by WE Schools and the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative to get Canadians talking about the rights, culture and experience of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

During brainstorm sessions in class, students identified their culture with wisdom, appreciation, bravery and compassion. One student, Emily Mandamin, displayed these qualities on a trip to Toronto where she took action by sharing coffees, mittens and meals with Toronto’s homeless.

Emily’s educator Raquel Teibert, had issued a class challenge: make an impact that will live forever, and in doing so, preserve your cultural values. Emily was inspired by the challenge and after seeing a homeless individual sleeping on the ground, she spent the next day bringing smiles to the faces of people who needed it the most. Emily’s acts of kindness in downtown Toronto displayed the true meaning of standing together.

“It made me feel so good. I wanted that to live forever,” says Emily. She plans to visit Winnipeg next to help the less fortunate, and hopes to inspire other young people to give back too.

Teacher’s Corner

Dig deeper into the issues

Check out our issue backgrounders to learn how local and global issues affect the lives of people in our communities and around the world. Bring the issues to life in your classroom with a library of resources to engage your students in learning about local and global issues.

Take More Action

Hooked on taking action? The WE Schools program has a yearlong calendar of campaigns for taking action on all kinds of local and global issues.