If You Want to Plan an Epic Good Deed, You Need a Team.

Rally your community and plan some epic do-good actions throughout the year. Engage in meaningful volunteer actions by using the 
WE Volunteer Now campaign.

We can bust big issues when we all pull together and take action. That’s what volunteering is all about: coming together to take action and better our communities.

Here’s How to Run Your Campaign

  1. Investigate and Learn

    With your teacher, learn about how different issues affect communities across the country. Take a walk through your community and decide which issues your group is going to take action on as you plan your group’s volunteer week.

  2. Action Plan

    Get to know the skills and talents on your team and discuss how these skills could be used to plan an action on the issues your group has chosen. For each of the issues you plan to take action on, write down the kind of action you will take and what roles and responsibilities will be involved in planning the volunteer action.

  3. Take Action

    Get your school and community in on the action! Reach out to your community for extra hands and make sure everyone’s on the same page regarding the details of when and where the volunteer action is taking place.

  1. Report and Celebrate

    Make M.V.P. cards for the members of your school and community who come out to join your volunteer efforts. Make sure to thank each person for their contribution and sit down as a group to record and discuss the impacts you’ve made. Share the success of your WE Volunteer Now campaign by posting photos to social media using #wevolunteernow.


Using the Student Yearbook, students will record their progress and their reflections for each of the four steps above.

Change-makers—we want to hear how you and your group helped empower your local and global communities. Share your impacts by filling out the Campaign Impact Survey now!


Campaign Lesson Plans

This educational resource helps students learn how to show gratitude and appreciation to people in their community.

640 students, 16 local organizations, one day of amazing impact

Some 640 students at F.J. Brennan High School are thinking globally and acting locally by volunteering their time and effort with 16 local organizations in their neighborhood. The students spent a day helping to make a local impact by dividing themselves up to better their community.

The initiative was organized by three students: Carly Jacobs, Chloe Clement and Lauren Pavelich, who developed the idea while on a ME to WE Trip to Ecuador in December 2015. Inspired by their experiences, they wanted to provide an opportunity for their school community to give back as well.

The students visited the Salvation Army where they bagged over 2,000 bags of rice and stacked over 10,000 canned goods. While some students stacked food, others spent the morning making 200 bagged lunches to donate to the Downtown Mission. At Drouillard Place, a social services organization, students kept busy by stocking shelves and helping support their after school program.

The United Way awarded the school for their day of service with a Think Global Act Local grant, which will be used to help determine further needs within the community. The students of F.J. Brennan showed how easy it is to connect with a cause and rally a school community to volunteer with purpose.

Teacher’s Corner

Dig deeper into the issues

Check out our issue backgrounders to learn how local and global issues affect the lives of people in our communities and around the world. Bring the issues to life in your classroom with a library of resources to engage your students in learning about local and global issues.

Take More Action

Hooked on taking action? The WE Schools program has a yearlong calendar of campaigns for taking action on all kinds of local and global issues.