$25 Gives clean water for life.

April 27. Walk. Raise $25.
Give one person clean water for life

Every day women and children must walk hours to collect clean water, often from unsafe sources. This affects their health, livelihood and education. We’re the generation that’s out to change this. Because when communities have access to clean water, girls can attend school, parents can run sustainable farms and families can break the cycle of poverty.

Join us to provide clean water for 50,000 people!

Help us reach our goal, every dollar raised is another drop in the bucket. Create your own CrowdRise page for an easy, accessible way to raise money for WE Walk for Water. Click below to set up your own WE Walk for Water fundraising page!

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Fundraising Resources

To get started, take a look at the resources below. Whether you’re a school group, family or business, these resources will help you through every step of your WE Walk for Water event!

Get started with Spencer West

Spencer’s why: clean water for all

Setting up your CrowdRise page

Five ways to $25

Learn about water

Clean water isn’t a luxury—it’s a basic human right. One that millions of people around the world lack access to because of water sources that are unsafe or far from home. Explore the resources below to learn more about how access to clean water affects lives around the world.

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