We believe in measuring the impact of our programs to make sure we’re delivering world-class resources. We called in leading social impact consultants from Mission Measurement to help us understand how the WE Schools program helps educators empower the next generation of compassionate leaders. Because of our dedicated educational partners, we are able to see incredible, transformative outcomes in students across North America and the UK.

WE Schools Transforms Youth
8181% of educators
say that WE Schools makes their students more likely to take action to improve the lives of others in their own community and abroad.
7 times more likelyYouth in the WE Schools programs are
7 times more likely
to see themselves as agents of change.
95% of educators95% of educators
say students demonstrated increased leadership.
WE Schools Empowers Educators
8178% of educators
feel more professionally fulfilled because
of their involvement with WE Schools.
8182% of educators
have identified leadership opportunities
for their students because of WE Schools.
8176% of educators
say they fostered a safe and inclusive
environment because of WE Schools.
WE Schools Prepares Young Leaders
8173% of youth
are motivated to go to college because of
involvement with WE Schools.
8192% of young adult participants
mentioned We Schools achievements on
their resume.
8194% of students
said employers reacted positively to seeing
We Schools involvement on their resume.