Why Food Security?

Did you know that there are now 7 billion people on Earth, and that number is expected to grow to 9 billion by the time today’s high school students turn 50? This means food security will be one of the biggest challenges that our generation is going to face.

The Earth has the ability—and humankind has the capability—to produce enough food for everyone. But it’s going to take all of us to help overcome the hurdles and make that happen. This is an opportunity for young leaders like you to make a difference!

Program Overview

PotashCorp has partnered with WE Charity and ME to WE to offer students from Saskatchewan who are interested in the issue of food security an opportunity to volunteer in a community in Kenya in summer 2016. Participants will learn firsthand about sustainable development and bring the spirit of global citizenship back to their schools and communities.

Applications will be open from March 1st to April 10th, 2016.

This opportunity will provide youth with a chance to:

  • Learn about agriculture and food security, a key pillar of sustainable development.
  • Contribute to sustainable agricultural programming by volunteering alongside families in rural WE Charity partner communities.
  • Develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Connect with like-minded young people who are passionate about global issues.

Youth will also be able to:

  • Connect with families in rural villages, dive into a vibrant culture, learn Swahili and go on safari!
  • Meet local students and learn about their day-to-day life in a farm community in Narok County.
  • Participate in hands-on workshops and learn about agriculture and food security issues in Kenya, as you experience them yourself.
  • Working alongside community members, contribute to a sustainable development project through ME to WE’s charity partner WE Charity.

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“The work being done through PotashCorp’s partnership with WE Charity is truly making an incredible difference in the lives of farmers around the world. Education of new farming techniques and new seed varieties are producing larger yields for fuller stomachs. This has been an incredible experience and glimpse into the farming lifestyle common in India.”

Jonah Toth


Safety is our top priority! Every year, about 1,500 youth travel overseas on ME to WE Trips, and we have numerous measures in place to ensure participants’ safety. You’ll be accompanied by a local guide or translator and your extensively trained ME to WE facilitators. Learn more here.


For more information about ME to WE Trip’s safety record, policies and practices, please click here.

How to Apply

The PotashCorp Food Security Youth Trip honours youth who have shown a commitment to promoting social change, and who want to make a positive difference both at home and in a community overseas.

About the Partnership

Food security will be a top issue for our generation and generations to come, as the global population grows and available land for food production shrinks. That’s why WE Charity and PotashCorp are committed to working with communities around the world. PotashCorp, a Canadian company that plays an important role in global food production, is a long-standing champion for global agriculture and food security and has partnered with WE Charity as the founding partner of the Agriculture and Food Security pillar as part of their holistic and sustainable development model. Through the Agriculture and Food Security pillar, communities can grow the food they need and plant strong roots for the future.

As the world’s largest producer of crop nutrients, PotashCorp makes the food needs of people around the world a priority. In 2016, PotashCorp is sponsoring a ME to WE Trip to Kenya for 20* students from Saskatchewan . In addition to the support of these youth trips, PotashCorp is directly supporting Agriculture and Food Security initiatives in rural WE Charity partner communities in Kenya, India and China. PotashCorp is also supporting Agriculture and Food Security curriculum resources and a speaking tour to educate and empower youth in Saskatchewan regarding local and global food security issues. PotashCorp is the Regional Title Sponsor of WE Day Saskatchewan, making it possible for the event to be hosted in this province.


PotashCorp focuses efforts of this kind on the communities where it operates. As a result, only youth from Saskatchewan are eligible to apply.

Eligible applicants are students between the ages of 13 and 19 as of the application deadline, who have demonstrated a commitment to global issues or community volunteerism, and who have a special interest in agriculture and food security. For 2016, students must be eligible to travel between August 4 – 17, 2016. They must also submit all required application documents (including a completed application form, nomination form and a personal description stating why they are interested in the program).

Applicants will be selected based on personal interest, merit, and demonstrated commitment to increasing food security around the world. The ideal candidates are young leaders who are already working to improve their local or global community, and who will use this experience to motivate and inspire others to take action.

20 students will be chosen from Saskatchewan to participate in the PotashCorp Food Security Youth Trip in 2016.

Applications will open on March 1st, 2016 and close at 11:59 p.m. EST on April 10, 2016.

The trip will take place between August 4 – 17, 2016.

Students can choose to nominate themselves or can be nominated by a teacher, family member or member of their community.

In order to apply, students must complete and submit the online application form. This form includes contact information and a personal description stating why they are interested in the program. In addition, students must have an online reference form submitted on their behalf by a teacher, mentor, community leader, coach, employer etc.—someone who is familiar with their interests and strengths. The application form is now closed.

Certain travel and incidental costs are not covered by this opportunity. Each student who receives a place on the trip is responsible for covering his/her own costs for certain incidentals including passport, visa, vaccinations, insurance and spending money. ME to WE will work with students to help them fundraise for these costs, should this become a barrier to travel.

Students will be notified of selection by April 30, 2016 by phone or e-mail.

Yes, teachers may provide a reference for as many deserving students as they like. Teachers must complete one reference form per student.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a student will be able to visit a particular school during their trip, as volunteers travel to communities that are most in need of help on a project. The schools and communities that students will be visiting have much in common with those they have supported through their fundraising efforts.

*5 of the 20 youth trips are reserved for eligible children of PotashCorp employees resident in Canada, the U.S. or Trinidad.

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