The Baraka Health Clinic is situated in the Narok South District of Kenya and serves approximately 30,000 community members.

The clinic was established by WE Charity to help increase primary health care for the Maasai, Kipsigis and Kisii communities. The permanent health clinic is an extension to, and works in conjunction with, an earlier established mobile health care unit that serves all of Adopt a Village’s partner communities.

The clinic provides preventive, curative and rehabilitative outpatient services to the most vulnerable segments of the Kenyan population. The services enable individuals and communities to have power over and to enhance their health.

Preventative services include:

  • Mother and child health services
  • A child welfare clinic
  • Education and counseling sessions for youth in the Youth Resource Centre

Curative services include:

  • General outpatient treatment
  • Immunizations and nutritional supplements
  • Deliveries for expectant mothers
  • Laboratory testing
  • Access to pharmaceutical drug treatments
  • Referrals to nearby hospital with expanded services
  • Ambulatory care