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Locally active, globally aware.

Participate in Free The Children’s locally-run programs.


Free The Children runs a range of campaigns throughout the year. We invite you to participate in these campaigns and plan your fundraisers around them! Get connected to a global network of active young people, families and companies.

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Free The Children (Mob)ilizers

Join the masses in effecting local and global change. This is a dynamic community of change-makers who truly live the change.

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Youth SummitYouth Summit

Join us for a day-long annual youth conference that includes issues-based workshops and motivational speeches.

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Take Action Camp

Take Action Camp

An exciting, week-long social justice summer camp that will connect you to like-minded peers and extraordinary facilitators.






Make better choices for a better world with ME to WE. 


Buy a Tee, Plant a TreeBuy a tee, plant a tree.

Comfortable. Attractive. Oh, and certified organic. Better yet, for every T-shirt you buy, a tree will be planted in a Free The Children community overseas. Shop now!

Buy a Book, Give a Book

Buy a book, give a book.

Browse through ME to WE’s library of inspiring books, guides, memoirs and children’s stories. Plus, share the gift of learning with a peer overseas. For each ME to WE book purchased, a notebook is given to a child. Start reading.


ME to WE Lifestyle Products

Lifestyle products. Because caring is cool.

Glass water bottles; bracelets made from recycled materials; the world’s more environmentally friendly pencil crayon! ME to WE’s growing line of lifestyle products is the perfect way to start living me to we. Shop now!

Artisans Model

Authentic, handmade jewellery and accessories.

ME to WE Artisans is a line of original accessories handcrafted by artisans in Free The Children countries across the globe. Buy jewellery that helps a woman support her family. Accessorize yourself!

ME to WE Trips

The trip that changes everything.

Pack your bags and take a volunteer trip to a Free The Children community. See our holistic, sustainable development model in action. Learn more.