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Shed light on the realities of homelessness.

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Homelessness + Advocacy = CHANGE

Everyone should have a place to call home. Come together with your friends, family and community to help break the stereotypes surrounding homelessness. Share daily facts to dispel myths and shed light on the realities of homelessness.

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Homelessness isn’t just what we see on the street—it takes many forms and affects many different people.

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Lewisham Students Say No to Stereotypes

At Christ the King Catholic Sixth Form College in the London Borough of Lewisham, students are using their creativity to create long-lasting local change.

As a young adult, it can be difficult to get taken seriously. Christ the King’s WE Group are determined to be heard! With their boundless energy, they set out to make an impact on an issue that matters to them: homelessness. Since this is a prominent in Lewisham, and a problem which disproportionately effects the younger generation, the group knew they could engage their whole school in WE Won’t Rest.

Through discussion, the group realised that many people have preconceived ideas of who homeless people are and why they become homeless. They resolved to challenge this.

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To kick-start their campaign, students hosted an awareness-raising assembly for their entire college. Three students used their theatrical flair to bring the issue to life, acting out first person, real life accounts of homelessness. By taking their audience on a journey—beginning with everyday experiences such as getting your first job and ending with the tough realities of life for homeless people—the campaigners helped them to find similarities between themselves and the many thousands of UK homeless.

The group took their action to the next level with a poster campaign, using statistics about youth homelessness to ensure the issue remained relevant to their audience. To turn awareness into tangible impacts, the students also organised a food collection, with donations going to a local foodbank.

By spreading the word throughout their entire student body, the WE Group at Christ the King Sixth Form College are proving that the youth voice is as powerful as ever. It only takes a small group of committed young people to spark a movement of positive change.

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